Industry Views on Wright's Satoshi Claim

People like you are dangerous and need to be exposed before someone in a position of power actually believes that you know what you are talking about.

—written by a cyber security expert about Craig Wright several years prior to Wright's Satoshi claim (source; archive)

This page is a compilation of public quotations of professionals in the cryptocurrency and related industries regarding Craig Wright's claim to be Satoshi Nakamoto.

This list contains quotations from major figures behind Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Coin, Tether and Cardano, which at the time of writing (2021-10-26) were the top 5 crypto currencies by market capitalisation.

  1. Gavin Andresen (Bitcoin developer)
    “Either he was Satoshi, but really wants the world to think he isn’t, so he created an impossible-to-untangle web of truths, half-truths and lies. And ruined his reputation in the process.... The other possibility is he is a master scammer/fraudster who managed to trick some pretty smart people over a period of several years.”
  2. Anonymous Signee 1 (Bitcoin investor)
    “Address 16cou7Ht6WjTzuFyDBnht9hmvXytg6XdVT does not belong to Satoshi or to Craig Wright. Craig is a liar and a fraud. G39S6i4XsfQnixN5ePMjVPboWvGXdnW8xFFAXiwEriZFCclflbD7umP58u3SI+dvvXC5BxBrRNkTMNf92O1UIXw=”
  3. Anonymous Signee 2 (Bitcoin investor)
    "Craig Steven Wright is a liar and a fraud. He doesn't have the keys used to sign this message. The Lightning Network is a significant achievement. However, we need to continue work on improving on-chain capacity. Unfortunately, the solution is not to just change a constant in the code or to allow powerful participants to force out others. We are all Satoshi."
  4. Anonymous Signee 3 (Early Bitcoin user with access to the Bitcoin Alert Key, speaking as though they were Satoshi.)
    "I am not CSW. Unlike me, he can't sign with the Bitcoin alert key."
    Verifiable with "304402205d9ee1b1697ce3722b92a0931aae10fb76ab07a624d61b27ba5af39e85a1653d0220520ed2e30ed1c89e5c876a4e7e8f9b04a8b43c3a37b55623cae964b3938f779a"
  5. Andreas Antonopoulos (Cryptocurrency author)
    “LOL. Every message Faketoshi writes disproves his attempted fraud. The real Satoshi was capable of forming sentences with punctuation and grammar. We have plenty of samples, both formal and conversational. None were sloppy like Faketoshi. Blocking @Satoshi, you should too.”
  6. Adam Back (CEO, Blockstream)
    “from @wizsecurity CSW never had the coins, they are documented to belong to other people & exchanges the court docs allege a trail of forged documents, R&D tax fraud. separately from a tech perspective it is clear neither CSW nor Kleinman are Satoshi.”
  7. Michael Bouchier (Debt Consultant, Geddes Capital)
    “To even conceive of #bitcoin Satoshi would had to have at least these qualities:-
    - high IQ and EQ
    - a deep understanding and appreciation of human nature and behavior
    - a strong moral compass
    - selfless, not ego-driven, mature
    I now know for sure Dr Craig Wright is not Satoshi”
  8. Vitalik Buterin (Co-Creator, Ethereum)
    “Why is this fraud allowed to speak at this conference?”
  9. Gilles Cadignan (CEO, Woleet)
    “Calm down mir, I thought you were on a twitter break. Don't let CSW (the fraud) mess with your chakras, he does not deserve our attention”
  10. Nic Carter (Bitcoin journalist)
    “The best evidence that CSW is not satoshi is not the lack of cryptographic proof, it has always been his illiteracy, especially compared to Satoshi's eloquence”
  11. Amy Castor (Independent Crypto Journalist)
    "Wright has never been able to prove that he is Satoshi."
  12. Rory Cellan-Jones (BBC Technology Correspondent who interviewed Craig Wright)
    "A reminder of Craig Wright's last attempt to prove he is Satoshi Nakamoto (I'm still waiting for my 0.017BTC from the Genesis block...)"
  13. Jason Choi (Head of Research, the Spartan Group; Founder, Blockcrunch)
    “It’s the year 2050. CPI-pegged stablecoins become the currency of the resistance. Our decentralized AI overlord surveils us despite our attempts to switch it off. TRX has become a legitimate tech unicorn by acquiring its way to legitimacy. Craig Wright is still not Satoshi.”
  14. Brian Crain (CEO ChorusOne)
    “Haven't been following the BCH fork debate, but it always seemed obvious to me that Craig Wright is a fraud.”
  15. Nik Cubrilovic (Security expert)
    “Craig Wright is not Satoshi Nakamoto. He wasn’t Satoshi Nakamoto before or after Wired and Gizmodo suspected him to be last year, and he still isn’t Satoshi Nakamoto after trying to reveal himself to be on his own blog and to The BBC, The Economist, GQ, Jon Matonis and Gavin Andresen.”
  16. Chris J D’Costa (Founder, Totem.Live)
    “Not content with claiming to be Satoshi, CSW is now claiming to invent Diffie-Hellman key exchange & Shamir's secret sharing. Another con?”
  17. Jason Don (Creative Director, Swan Bitcoin)
    “Rick Sanchez agrees with you. CSW is NOT Satoshi.”
  18. Robert Graham (security researcher)
    “That’s how Craig Wright tried to fool us, Craig Wright magically appears to have proven he knows Satoshi’s private-key, when in fact he’s copied the inputs/outputs and made us think we calculated them. It would’ve worked, too, but there’s too many damn experts in the blockchain who immediately pick up on the subtle details.”
  19. Michael Gu (Editor,
    “How is Craig Wright still a thing ? Not like we are Satoshi until proven otherwise ....”
    With attached video. Transcript:
    “So, I’ve been recently following the Bitcoin Cash wars, and one of the forks is organised by Craig Wright, who claims that he is Satoshi Nakamoto. And I was wondering to myself ‘How is this still a thing?’ I mean, it’s not like a court of law where you’re Satoshi until proven otherwise. I mean if you want to take credit for someone’s work, you’ve got to prove that you’re them. There’s millions of, actually millions of, Bitcoins held by Satoshi Nakamoto. If he said that, prove it, and then we can say that you’re him, but if not, then, go away. So, I really don’t understand how this guy is still around in the space and not laughed to the high heavens. But anyways it’s a ridiculous clown show to follow, and I really wonder how do you explain someone like Craig Wright to your friends if they want to understand crypto without, you know, breaking out into laughter.”
  20. Martin Habovštiak (Bitcoin developer)
    “A proof that CSW is not Satoshi. Read the thread.”
  21. Stacey Herbert (Bitcoin podcaster)
    “Read this. Especially if you suffer from delusions of #Faketoshi inventing #bitcoin.”
  22. Stuart Hoegner (Legal counsel writing on behalf of Tether)
    “Craig Wright’s claims to be Satoshi Nakamoto have been rejected by many. @Tether_to also rejects them. Wright has had myriad opportunities to prove that he is Satoshi and has not definitively done so.”
  23. Yoshimitsu Homma (CEO and Founder, United Bitcoiners)
    “CSW will go bankrupt if he sues everyone who calls him fraud. Yes, CSW is fraud. #CSW”
  24. Charles Hoskinson (CEO, IOHK; Co-Creator, Ethereum; Co-Creator, Cardano)
    “I spent five minutes with the guy in Rwanda and it was blantantly clear he's a sociopath and dangerous to any project he joins. Why did the BCH community embrace him with such welcoming arms?”
  25. Edward Iskra (North American Communications Director, Bitcoin Gold)
    a: “Jack was trying to answer a question in Chinese (Craig had been dodging about refusing to easily prove he's Satoshi with a signed message). Then Craig interrupted, saying everything had to be in English (in Taiwan) and insisted that Jack be thrown out, or else he'd leave.”
    b: "Craig said, "Who wants me or him at this conference? Or me and my technology ever in this country, or not?" So they let Faketoshi leave."
  26. Olivier Janssens (CEO, FreeSociety)
    “I've been involved with Bitcoin for about 8 years now, and the purging of the fraud & sociopath Craig Wright really means a lot for the community becoming more mature. I hope it also sets a precedent for the future, similarly to Mtgox leading to the creation of great exchanges.”
  27. Dan Kaminsky (security researcher)
    “Yes, this is a scam. Not maybe. Not possibly. Wright is pretending he has Satoshi’s signature on Sartre’s writing. That would mean he has the private key, and is likely to be Satoshi. What he actually has is Satoshi’s signature on parts of the public Blockchain, which of course means he doesn’t need the private key and he doesn’t need to be Satoshi. He just needs to make you think Satoshi signed something else besides the Blockchain - such as Sartre. He doesn’t publish Sartre. He publishes 14% of one document. He then shows you a hash that’s supposed to summarise the entire document. This is a lie.”
  28. Dan Kelly (Founder,
    “Not sure why anyone would want to be associated with a FRAUD... CSW has proven to be a fraud on too many occasions...”
  29. George Kikvadze (Executive Vice Chairman Bitfury)
    “Earlier today from a friend who is Advisor to President of Rwanda
    - Advisor: There is this Craig Wright guy promoting Bitcoin Cash in Rwanda. What is Bitcoin Cash ?
    - Me: He is a Fraud. Bitcoin Cash is a Fraud. Nothing to do with BTC. Stay Away.
    - Advisor: Thanks. Just Checking.”
  30. Joni Koskimaa (Editor,
    “No one can prove anyone is not Satoshi. But Satoshi could prove he's Satoshi and CSW can't. The real Satoshi could prove CSW is not Satoshi but he's dead.”
  31. Martin Kuvandzhiev (Co-founder, Bitcoin Gold)
    “CSW (aka Faketoshi)”
  32. Luc Lammers (Head of Sales, sendcloud)
    “At least we now know for sure that Craig Wright is not Satoshi. His ego is too dammn centralized for that!”
  33. Charlie Lee (Creator of Litecoin)
    a: “Once he started claiming that he's Satoshi, he needs to prove it or he's a fraud. There's no other way about it.”
    b: “Craig S Wright's talks and papers are filled with illogical technobabble (h/t @PeterRizun) and his Satoshi proof is fraudulent. He's a fraud. Why give this guy a platform? I will not attend or speak at any conference that invites CSW to speak. Speak out if you agree! #NoCSW”
  34. Jack Liao (Co-founder of Bitcoin Gold)
    “Craig Wright is fake Satoshi, and he’s extremely rude…I was just talking about an industry standard, a matured standard to define who’s Satoshi Nakamoto. All of a sudden he was so pissed, even told us to choose which side should we stand? This is an insult to a democracy society. We are here attending this meeting, we should respect everyone’s opinions. Craig Wright is just a shame of our community.” (originally in Chinese)
  35. Stephan Livera (Bitcoin podcaster; Co-Founder, Ministry of Nodes)
    “1) CSW is a fraud 2) I also really disagree with his argument that 'only mining nodes matter', see this article explaining why:”
  36. Mark Mason (Public Relations Manager,
    “What #cryptocurrency learned in 2018. Craig Wright aka #Faketoshi (Not #Bitcoin's founder) is against decentralization, is pro-censorship, threatens legal action, is anti free-market, anti open-source & is a pro-government authoritarian centralizing power to 1 man rule! #NoThanks”
  37. Greg Maxwell (Bitcoin developer)
    “If anyone from the ATO is reading this: I'd be willing to travel to AU on my own dime and offer expert testimony against this fraud. His claims to be the creator of Bitcoin are utterly and obviously fabricated, and I can suggest dozens of the world’s foremost subject matter experts who will happily testify to the same effect.”
  38. John McAfee (Entrepreneur and developer)
    “Craig Wright claims to be the real Satoshi. He says this believing that no-one knows the truth. He is wrong. I tell you now - the real Satoshi is not Craig Wright.”
  39. Peter McCormack (Bitcoin podcaster)
    a: “Craig Wright is not Satoshi”
    b: “Do I believe that Craig is Satoshi, no I don't.”
  40. Bob McElrath (Freelance Blockchain Consultant)
    “I'm educating people that CSW is not Satoshi.”
  41. Brad Mills (Bitcoin podcaster)
    “So finally nearly everyone sees that Craig Wright is a fraud, so much that the personality cult of leadership will probably eject him as one of the figureheads of Bcash. Now it's Roger and Jihan's coin. Bit Jihan also has MoneroV, and Roger has big stakes in numerous Altcoins.”
  42. Alex Morcos (Co-Founder, Chaincode Labs)
    “Interesting view. I may be in small block camp but see some merit in big block ideology but CSW is different story. Fraud must be called out”
  43. Samson Mow (CSO, @Blockstream; CEO, Pixelmatic)
    a: “Reminder: #Faketoshi aka Craig Wright may be the first person in history to cryptographically prove deliberate fraud.”
    b: “Basically, CSW is a fraud.”
  44. Florian Musau (CEO, ELove Inc; Bitcoin investor)
    “Craig Wright claims to be the real Satoshi. He says this believing that no-one knows the truth. He is wrong. I tell you now - the real Satoshi is not Craig Wright.”
  45. Jason Nelson (Bitcoin journalist)
    “Alright so 30 days until my first #spartanrace if I should die I want my last words to be...Craig Wright is not Satoshi! #cryptotwitter”
  46. Matt Odell (Creator of a Bitcoin development charitable fund)
    “Just to reiterate to those unaware, Craig is a fraud who pretended to be Satoshi but then was caught faking the proof.”
  47. Chris Pacia (Developer for OpenBazaar)
    “Plausible explanation for how Craig Wright started his fraud.”
  48. Benjamin Perrin (Bitcoin Podcaster, BTC Sessions)
    “Craig Wright Still A Fraud.”
  49. Peter Rizun (Chief Scientist, Bitcoin Unlimited)
    “It’s not libel if it’s true. Craig Wright is a fraud, a liar, a plagiarist, and is incompetent in many (and possibly all) areas he claims to be an expert.”
  50. Jonas Schnelli (Bitcoin developer)
    “Indeed. Though, offer CSW a stage as an „association“ (members care?!) is not about „opinion“ or „open discussions“. It’s fraud support.”
  51. Amaury Sechet (Bitcoin Cash co-founder; eCash creator)
    a: "With CSW and Tether, the justice system is heavily stepping into crypto. By tolerating frauds, the industry set a precedent: it is not serious enough to self regulate."
    b: "Well, I can attest first hand that many, many, MANY people warned Roger about CSW. That includes myself. That also includes several who aren't part of the BCH community anymore because of it."
    c: "It's kind of like CSW, so many stunts and lies it's hard to keep track of it all."
  52. Emin Gün Sirer (Associate Professor of Computer Science, Cornell University)
    “I called out Craig Wright's fraud way before the world knew about him. He has been obsessed with attacking my work ever since. His website background was our selfish mining paper.... Over the years, I've developed a good sense for the "Craig touch." He brings the IQ down of any group he is in. That's why there isn't a single smart person behind BSV, the CoinGeek coin. That's why the attacks are going to be super dumb.”
  53. Jimmy Song (Bitcoin author)
    “And the flaw... If you can't sign with a known key... You are not Satoshi. CSW is not just a fraud, he is a bait and switch. Thanks CSW for doing all you can to destroy Bitcoin's reputation. No sig, no work, no value to the community.”
  54. Josiah Spackman (Brand Ambassador, DigiByte Global Blockchain)
    “I personally still think CSW is a fraud & a sham. That said, this is probably something I agree with him on. I'm glad that #DigiByte scales by doubling the max block size every 2 years to predictably grow:”
  55. Paul Sztorc (Developer, Drivechain and Hivemind)
    a: “(18/18) CSW is a fraud telling desperate LargeBlockers what they want to hear, veering into Econ for the purpose of desperate obfuscation.”
    b: “I can't even consider CSW to be a fraud anymore. Instead it is beautiful performance art. CSW is a comedy genius, on par with Seinfeld. Would love for him to give a technical presentation at my birthday/wedding.”
  56. Jenny Q. Ta (CEO,
    “Hey... he has a Twitter acct? I'm not there yet. So, he's like Roger Ver n Nouriel Roubini? Damn! I just sent out my 3/3 tweet, and I've concluded after spending 2+ hours that Dr. Craig Wright is NOT Satoshi Nakamoto. And u're right, "never meet ur heroes," but he's a fake one.”
  57. Julien Vanegue (Head of Software Security Architecture, Bloomberg)
    “Five months ago I already doubted Craig S Wright's story. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidences. CSW is not Satoshi.”
  58. Wayne Vaughan (CEO, Tierion)
    “Craig Wright is NOT Satoshi. Please note this.”
  59. Arthur Van Pelt (Independent Researcher on Craig Wright)
    “That's what Craig wants you to believe. But Craig is not Satoshi.”
  60. Roger Ver (Bitcoin investor, Bitcoin Cash investor)
    Transcript of video:
    “Craig Wright is a liar and a fraud. So sue me, again.”
  61. Dovey Wan (Founding Partner, Primitive Ventures)
    “Even among liers CSW is a dogshit level Never seen someone tried so hard to be a lier and failed so badly”
  62. JW Weatherman (Co-Founder, YetiCold)
    a: “Looks like I got blocked because I offered CSW a $10k bet that he is not Satoshi. I offered to pay 5 randomly selected security experts to review his scam. If 3 of the 5 don't conclude "fraud" I will lose the bet. If I win I will give the winnings out to everyone that retweets.”
    b: “I can’t believe I have to post this again. CSW is a fraud beyond a reasonable doubt.”
  63. Or Weinberger (Co-Founder,
    “I'm surprised that someone like @ryanxcharles supports companies like nChain who holds multiple pending patents for Bitcoin (and not for protecting it) and ran by a proven fraud like CSW. I mean, even if that company supports #BCH dev, that shouldn't matter.”
  64. Udi Wertheimer (Bitcoin commentator)
    “I patented the use of the name “Craig Wright”. Don’t worry you can still use it, for free! But only when followed by the words “is a fraud”. Craig Wright (is a fraud) is now a sidechain!”
  65. Phil Wilson (has claimed to have been on a team that created Bitcoin with Craig Wright and Dave Kleiman)
    “Prediction for 2019: We won’t see Vitalik jumping up and asking why the fraud Craig Wright has been invited to talk at a conference. Craig will only be invited to a coingeek con-ference”
  66. Steve Wilson (Founder, Lockstep Consulting; Principal Analyst, Constellation Research)
    “OMG @WEF. World Economic Forum can't pick the CSW fraud, and in the same blog, mistakes what #blockchain does.”
  67. Bas Wisselink (Independent Blockchain Journalist)
    “Quite sad to see someone finally realising he's been royally shafted. Something that was readily deducible for anyone who can read people by their actions. CSW is NOT Satoshi. His actions conform completely to that of an average con man.”
  68. Jihan Wu (Co-Founder, Bitmain)
    “The whole BCH community are working together to kick Fake Satoshi out. The resisitence against cult leader proves the inner strength and sophistication of the BCH ecosystem!”
  69. Changpen Zhao (CEO, Binance)
    This Tweet was published in response to learning that Craig Wright had filed a lawsuit against @hodlonaut in the UK:
    “Craig Wright is not Satoshi. Anymore of this sh!t, we delist!”
  70. Jen Zhu (Executive Chairman, The Commons Project; Fellow, The Aspen Institute)
    “We are all Satoshi. Except Craig Wright. Craig’s Wright is not Satoshi. #10Years”