BSV's Affinity Ecosystem

1) Copycat Entities

BSV entities that have multiple elements that are similar or identical to a pre-existing entity, including business concepts and branding. The use of similar branding is highly likely to cause confusion with the previous entity.

1.1) Administrative Association

The BSV "Bitcoin Association" is registered in the company register as "Bitcoin Association for BSV", but then publicly brands itself as the "Bitcoin Association".

  Bitcoin (BTC) Original BSV Knockoff
Name Bitcoin Association Switzerland Bitcoin Association
Branding Bitcoin Association Switzerland logo Bitcoin Association logo
Location Zug, Switzerland Zug, Switzerland
Twitter @bitcoin_ch @BitcoinAssn
Archive (2021-07-18)
Established 2013 2020
Evidence of creation date

1.2) Blockchain Tools

  Linux Foundation Original BSV Knockoff
Name Hyperledger Fabric Fabriik
Branding Hyperledger Fabric logo Fabriik logo
Twitter @Hyperledger @fabriik_market
Archive (2021-07-18)
Established 2016 2021
Evidence of creation date  

1.3) Capital Markets

Unbounded Capital is registered in California, but its website puts its business address in Texas, where Unchained Capital is domiciled.

  Bitcoin (BTC) Original BSV Knockoff
Name Unchained Capital Unbounded Capital
Branding Unchained Capital logo Unbounded Capital logo
unchained capital Twitter page Unbounded Capital Twitter page
Location Austin, Texas Dallas, Texas
Twitter @unchainedcap @unboundedcap
Archive (2021-07-18) Website:
Established 2016 2017 (according to Bloomberg)
2019 (according to SEC)
Evidence of creation date

1.4) Mobile Trading App

TDXP is easily confusable for TDEX, especially since TDXP's branding does not use the ticker BSV to specify the difference in the underlying product. TDXP could easily be accessed by someone wishing to trade Bitcoin, but when the website is loaded it defaults to BSV trading.

  Bitcoin (BTC) Original BSV Knockoff
Branding TDEX Twitter page TDXP Twitter page
Twitter @tdexnetwork @TDXPApp
Archive (2021-07-23) Website:
Established 2020 September 2020 November
Evidence of creation date See Twitter account creation date. See Twitter account creation date.
CoinTelegraph Article:
BTC Times Article:
CoinGeek Article:

1.5) Online Text Summariser

  Tridev Original BSV Knockoff
Name TLDRthis TLDRThat!
Branding TLDRthis logo TLDRThat! logo
Twitter @tldrthis  
Archive (2021-07-23) Website:
Established 2020 2021
Evidence of creation date See Twitter account creation date and link.

The creation of was announced in this CoinGeek article, which has been archived here and here. To avoid creating clickthroughs to CoinGeek and therefore promoting at the expense of, please use the archival links.

The article contains an explanation of the supposed "inspiration" for the concept, without making any reference at all to the almost identical product that had been released a year earlier.

1.6) Blockchain-Based Exchange with Assets in the Form of Tokens

Note that Craig Wright is one of the registered officers of this company:

  Original BSV Knockoff
Name Tokenise International Ltd Tokenized Ltd


Tokenise logo Tokenized logo
Tokenise Twitter page Tokenized Twitter page
Location Gibraltar London
Twitter @TokeniseLDN @Tokenized_com
Archive (2021-07-23) Website:
Established 2018 March—Twitter account created
2018 September—company registered
2018 November—whitepaper published
2019 August—company registered
Evidence of creation date   CoinGeek article giving whitepaper creation date.
Company registration: Company registration:

Tokenized responded to this being pointed out to them on Social media. Here's a record of their response:

1.7) Payments System

Since 2016 developers have been working on an instant layer-2 payments system for Bitcoin (BTC) called the "Lighting Network". A symbol that has obviously come to be associated with this is the emoji lightning bolt ⚡️. In 2021 a payment system was created on BSV called "PeerSend", which also inexplicably uses the lightning bolt emoji ⚡️.  Given that BSV aims to scale on chain, it doesn't need a layer-2 payments system. BSV already has plenty of wallets to perform "payments", and PeerSend's own Twitter bio doesn't even put a PeerSend account up for its potential customers to use, but a Handcash account: demonstrating that there's already products in BSV doing precisely what it claims to do. There is no need for PeerSend to use the lightning emoji. Other aspects of PeerSend's branding are also similar to unofficial Twitter accounts that promote the Lightning Network. PeerSend appears to exist purely to confuse new entrants into the market and draw customers away from the Lightning Network to BSV.

  Bitcoin (BTC) Original BSV Knockoff
Name Lightning Network PeerSend
Twitter Branding Lightning Network Statistics Twitter ProfileBitcoin LightningNetwork+ Twitter Profile PeerSend Twitter Profile


Website Project homepage:
Twitter The two example accounts above are @LNstats and @BTC_LN @PeersendCom
Archive (2022-04-05)


@LNstats: at least as far back as March 2018
@BTC_LN: has been using the lightning bolt emoji since at least as far back as January 2018

Evidence of creation date

@LNstats statistics since March 2018:

@BTC_LN: use of lightning bolt emoji since January 2018:

1.8) Internet Software Company

What's so bizarre about this is that there's absolutely no reason for NChain to have ripped off Netscape's branding. It's a very weird decision. Thanks to Dean Little for spotting this (archive)

  Original BSV Knockoff
Name Netscape NChain
Branding Netscape logo


nChain Logo


Netscape N


nChain N


Relevant Links/th>

Branding info available at:

Website with branding:
Twitter page with branding: Archive:
(snapshots taken 2022/4/22)

2) Idea Emulation

These are products or businesses in the BSV ecosystem that are remakes of other businesses or ideas already deployed. Sometimes they remix or reuse branding elements.

2.1) Social Media

Twetch increasingly implement ideas and features already implemented on Twitter. They have actively used Twitter's API and automation functions to create a self-migration tool using their bot @twetchdat. It is amazingly benevolent of Twitter that all the Twetch accounts were not banned with 24hrs of being created.

  Original BSV Knockoff
Name Twitter
Twitter @Twitter

2.2) Takeaway Food

  Bitcoin (BTC) Original BSV Knockoff
Name Bitcoin Pizza BSV Pizza
Twitter @eatbitcoinpizza @BSVPizza
Established 2021-02 2021-06